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My Care/Feeding Couples Retreats
are a reoccurring weekend that happens every 3-4 months that are designed to supplement individual couples sessions.
They are the "aftercare" of couples therapy and consist of the practices and skills that are crucial in maintaining the work that was done in session.
Each weekend is a carefully curated container of practices customized to the participants.
It's designed to be spacious, relaxing while offering more individual targeted sessions if needed.

It also seeks to expands the couples' resources to include bodywork, somatic exercises, dance, yoga and humor! 
Designed in a series, each weekend builds on the other to include all the tools of rupture and repair, more advanced energetic practices and more connected group play! 

My Couples Retreats are a 2-day weekend block of self-care practices designed for the care and feeding of partner-relationships.


  • You are looking for a spacious container for connection outside the 1 hour couples therapy sessions you have been doing.

  • You have done substantial work in couples/individual therapy working on triggers and dynamics and want a space is more positive and nurturing.

  • You are looking for concrete self-care practices that nurture your couple-ship outside of crisis/survival mode.

  • You are looking for a relaxing couples container that promotes and trusts in the natural healing qualities of intention, space, nature and protected quality time.

  • You are looking for a community of practice that will commit to a set of tools/modalities/practices that will protect and inoculate your partnership BEFORE you reach crisis.

  • You want a re-occurring reminder and refresher of tools, skills and practices learnt in couples therapy.

  • You are looking for the camaraderie and support of other couples so that you don't feel so isolated.



  • Duration Sat 9am - Sunday 6pm

  • Venue: Santa Cruz and/or San Jose

    Group Practices Toolbox


  • Somatic Experiencing tools for self-resourcing and regulation

  • Somatica Institute Exercises for exploring erotic energy with self and partner

  • Tantra Practices exploring energetic connection

  • Dance/Movement - exploring connection through movement

  • Partner Yoga

  • Dialog practices for Rupture and Repair ( both demo and done individually )

  • Space/ Spaciousness to use ocean, earth and the redwoods as resources.

  • Psychodrama Therapy to play with our triggers with levity, fun and play.

    Individual Weekend Offerings

  • Bodywork practitioners ( massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral ) 

  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioners 

  • Somatica Coaches

  • Sensual Massage coaches

  • Partner Yoga private sessions



$800/ couple not including accommadations and meals and individual therapy services. Superbills available for insurance coverage.

Who BOTH are:

• You want to build on what is good and working instead of what's not.

• You are ready to set aside protected time away from kids and work to nurture your couple-ship.

• Want to learn how to play instead of just working well together.

• Looking for a more structured way of connecting while "on vacation"

• Want to explore other modalities of connection besides conversation.

• You want to meet other couples who are committed to working on their couples-ship.

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