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My intensives provide a spacious, exploratory and tender resolution of trauma symptoms using the gentler indirect therapeutic tools of art and dream-work alongside the strategic tools of EMDR ( Eye Movement Desensitization ) and Accelerated Resolution Therapy. 



  • You need a more spacious continuous block of time to work instead of the hourly confines of weekly sessions.

  • You respond intuitively to art, metaphor and expressive therapy as a means of healing.

  • You prefer visual expression and replacement instead of talk therapy.

  • You want to know the roots of your trauma and the reasons for your behaviors and patterns. 

  • Your trauma history is just as important as resolving the symptoms of it.

  • You have limited time and resources for long term weekly therapy.

  • You prefer working with your body instead of talk therapy.

  • You want to resolve the trauma without talking about it 


  • 20 mins: Intake and goals

  • 20 mins: Identifying resources ( Safe place, safe person ) Establishing baseline. 

  • 30 mins: Visualizing the trauma via art/sand/sculpture.
    ( BLS: Touchpoints wristbands )

  • 40 mins:  Identifying and clarifying the roots of the original trauma through float-back or scene match. 
    Treatment of original trauma.
    ( BLS: EMDR via thera-tappers )

  • 40 mins: Treatment and elimination of symptoms

  • ( BLS: Accelerated Resolution Therapy)

  • 30 mins : Visualizing the resolution via art/sand/sculpture.
    ( BLS: Touchpoints wristbands )
    Therapist visualizes with client

  • 20 mins: Aftercare

*BLS: Bilateral Stimulation Source

Total Intensive time. 3 hours.


  • Clear before/after reduction of symptoms 

  • A clear understanding of the origin of your PTSD symptoms

  • A concrete before/after visualization of the presentation and resolution of your trauma

  • 2 guided visuals created in session.
  • A personalized visual created by myself as a record of our work done in session.


Hourly x 3 plus Painting.

$1200 ( total )

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