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Come join us for a working 2-day event workshopping your most troublesome trigger.
In a playful, conscious and compassionate container, we will be role-playing, breaking down and deconstructing your most troublesome trigger dynamic.

By the end of the weekend you will learn how to:
• Identify the specific stimulus for the trigger
• Differentiate the trauma-response of Fight, Flight and Freeze
• Understand the story you tell yourself
• Identify the main core belief
• Learn language to communicate your trigger to a partner/friend/family
• Craft safety words and brainstorm resourcing ideas
• Role-play repair and boundaries
Set against the backdrop of improv, role-playing and crowd-sourcing, this work is intentionally held in a container of play, humor, compassion and support. One of the goals of this workshop is to empathize with the universality of triggers and trauma - and to offer healing in a group and with others.


July 15-16 2023
Venue: Santa Cruz
Cost $150-250


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