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My Couples Intensives are a customized 1-2 day container crafted to the needs of each individual couple.


  • You are looking for a spacious container outside the 1 hour couples therapy sessions you have been doing.

  • You don't have the bandwidth for weekly work and are looking for a place to do more focussed work over a series of days. 

  • You want a container that supports and scaffolds reconnection and nourishment as well as repair and processing.

  • You are looking for concrete self-care practices that nurture your couple-ship outside of crisis/survival mode.

  • You are looking for a relaxing couples container that promotes and trusts in the natural healing qualities of intention, space, nature and protected quality time.

  • You want a re-occurring reminder and refresher of tools, skills and practices learnt in couples therapy.



Duration Sat 9am - Sunday 6pm
Venue: Santa Cruz and/or San Jose

Resourcing Tool Box 

  • Somatic Experiencing tools for self-resourcing and regulation

  • Somatica Institute Exercises for exploring erotic energy with self and partner

  • Tantra Practices exploring energetic connection

  • Dance/Movement - exploring connection through movement

  • Partner Yoga

  • Dialog practices for Rupture and Repair ( both demo and done individually )

  • Space/ Spaciousness to use ocean, earth and the redwoods as resources.

  • Psychodrama Therapy to play with our triggers with levity, fun and play.

    Individual Weekend Offerings

  • EMDR/ART sesssions

  • Somatic IMAGO

  • Bodywork practitioners ( massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral ) 

  • Watsu hydrotherapy

  • Somatic Experiencing 

  • Somatica Sex and Intimacy Coaching

  • Partner Yoga private sessions



$2400/ day couple not including accommodations and meals and individual therapy services. Superbills available for insurance coverage.

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