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My day-long retreats expand the container of a typical hour-long in office session. Your session is crafted to your individual needs to include the healing modalities of:


  • Process paintingTherapeutic Writing 

  • Somatic Movement

  • Somatica Sex and Love coaching

  • Human Design Coaching

  • EMDR ( Eye Movement Desensitization )

  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy

  • Somatic Experiencing.

  • Psychedelic assisted therapy ( ketamine and cannibis )

  • Eco-therapy (ocean and trees)

Set against the backdrop of the Santa Cruz, you start your day with movement and yoga on the beach, a day-long process painting and/or writing in outdoor setting of an Airbnb while being gently supported by trained trauma-facilitators.
The day includes a 1-1 EMDR ( Eye Movement Desensitization ) and Accelerated Resolution Therapy session customized to your personal needs.
Maximum Number of Retreat-ants:3


  • You need a more spacious, continuous block of time to work instead of the hourly confines of weekly sessions

  • You respond well to nature, the ocean and the outdoors as a way of grounding and processing trauma.

  • You hear yourself best through scaffolded writing and visual prompts instead of conversation and talk therapy.

  • You respond intuitively to art, metaphor and expressive therapy as a means of healing.

  • You prefer visual/written expression instead of talk therapy.

  • You prefer working the trauma through your body instead of talk therapy.

  • You want to explore trauma without talking about it 

  • You have limited time and resources for long term weekly therapy.

  • You are interested in a more introspective retreat of self exploration instead of an interactive group workshop.


  • 9am Yoga/Movement on the beach

  • 10-11am  Group intentions and grounding

  • 11-3pm  Painting and/or writing ( with lunch break ) includes 

    1-1 session with therapist.

  • 4-6pm Group witness 



  • Yoga and Movement

    Integrating yoga and movement we start the day grounding the on the sand.
    Source: Somatic Experiencing


  • Process Painting

    Unlike traditional painting, process painting focusses more on the EXPERIENCE of putting paint on paper, color and image as a means of healing and exploration. Witnessing and therapeutic inquiry will be provided by myself and another facilitator
    All levels of artistic expression and experience are welcomed.
    Source: Process Painting

  • Theraeputic Writing 
    In the vein of Natalie Goldberg's writing practice, exploratory prompts will be offered with the intention to ground, explore and clarify your work.

    Source: Natalie Goldberg Writing Practice

  • Group Container
    In this retreat, the intimate 5 person group (3 participants ) will be used solely as a witness and mirroring container rather interactive group work. Retreat-ants have the option to articulate intentions, present findings and concretize the takeaways from the day with consent.


  •  A chance to explore, clarify and articulate a piece of trauma work

  • A chance to explore it through the mediums of art and writing

  • A clearer sense of where it is stored in your body.

  • A chance to track, move and resource it in real time.

  • A chance to transform and change it through the modality of EMDR and ART.

  • A chance to be witnessed and supported through the whole process. 


  • $400/hour + painting/writing/group therapy plus indiv. therapy

  • $2400

  • Individual hour billable to insurance

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