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Psychedelic assisted therapy with me is a slow and intentional process. 

Set and setting starts with the therapeutic container and your safety with me.

I am medicine agnostic meaning your goals and intention determines the kind of medicine, speed and process in which we craft your experience. I offer the full spectrum of medicine and our discussions inform which one best fits your needs.

Medicine journeys in my space work best for those that want a slow and titrated process into entering the space of psychedelic support. It acknowledges that the therapeutic trust relationship is the ultimate tool in this work.

In the field I combine: 

  • EMDR and Ketamine Micro-dose for resourcing.

  • Somatic Experiencing informed resourcing tools and body work for grounding and integration during and after the session.

  • EMDR trauma processing modalities to address any traumas that might arise

  • The Psychedelic Somatic Institute set of protocols specifically addressing dissociation enabling access to non-verbal, pre-verbal and in-utero trauma.

One Possible Process 

  • Ketamine assisted TALK therapy ( 1 hour )
    Micro-dosed therapy sessions where we learn your system reacts 

  • Ketamine/Cannabis sessions ( 2 hours ) The PSIP MODEL

  • Possible longer medicine sessions ( 3-5 hours )

Packages are booked as a whole and are priced individually.

Psychedelic Intensives are 3 days long. Booked typically Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Intake and Integration can happen outside the weekend.


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